Speech Therapy

Speech therapy can be a valuable tool for supporting the development for children with special educational needs (SEN), particularly for those who have speech and language difficulties.

As a training centre who values the importance of individual case management, we understand that treatments can't be one-size-fits-all. Our registered speech therapist will conduct an initial assessment of the child's speech ability and development during the first session. This includes an examination of contextual factors and parenting styles that may influence the child's speech development. Based on the child's goals and needs, a list of individual training plans and goals will then be determined for the child. Parents are encouraged to participate in subsequent sessions to track their child's progress and learn home speech training techniques.



4 Sessions x 45mins

4 Sessions x 45mins

Child with delayed speech

Child with delayed speech

Wan Chai/Shatin

Wan Chai/Shatin


Improve pre-linguistic skills such as joint attention, eye contact, game skills, willingness to communicate and more
Promote language comprehension and language expression skills
Guide on how to use the correct pronounciation
Improve their voice, such as hoarseness, out of tune, or high/low pitch etc.
Improve speech fluency (including stuttering)
Improve social communication skills
Work alongside caregivers and therapists to maximise outcomes


4 Sessions x 45 Mins$3,600.00



Zoe Lee

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Job Title

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