About Us

Since 2022, LEX Centre has committed to providing personalised care and support for families affected by Special Educational Needs (SEN). We understand that families and caregivers require as much support as the child, thus, we pride ourselves as the leading therapy centre in Hong Kong to adopt a family-centric approach.

Our approach involves working closely with families to understand their unique situations, personalities, and values to suggest tailored therapies and activities that best suits their children’s and family’s needs.

Social Resources

Social Resources

Providing guidance and information on social resources

Family Expectation/Values

Family Expectation/Values

Understanding the expectations and values that shape the child’s therapeutic approach and direction

Marital Relationship/Communication

Marital Relationship/Communication

Empowering couples to cultivate a healthy and harmonious relationship while raising their child

Child Development and Therapy

Child Development and Therapy

Comprehending the child’s unique circumstances and offering effective therapeutic strategies

Family Resources

Family Resources

Exploring the most effective utilisation of family resources based on financial circumstances

Caregiver Recognition

Caregiver Recognition

Supporting caregivers in recognising their own mental health and stress management capabilities

Our Story

With almost a decade of experience serving the SEN and ASD community, our parent NGO LoveXpress understands the challenges and confusion that parents often face when caring for their children with SEN. When families are unable to grasp the right directions, it can significantly impact the child’s progress and have a profound influence on the entire family. We are grateful to have met like-minded individuals and established LEX Centre, a family-centric training centre, to address these challenges head-on.

At LEX Centre, we provide comprehensive case management services and intervention therapy to address the challenges families face from all angles. We believe that every child’s journey is unique and requires a personalised approach that starts with understanding the problem at its core.

Our Values


We focus on giving the children of the stars the love they deserve so they can thrive under the right environment and realise their limitless potential.


Provide both the family and the child with the support they need to not only ensure a happy future for the child, but a strong and sturdy foundation for the family as a whole.


It is more blessed to give than to receive. Our team includes parents of SEN children who are committed to provide first-hand support for families affected by SEN.

Organisation Structure

As a member of the LoveXpress umbrella, we support other social enterprises in
establishing a sustainable cycle of support for the SEN community during times of need.

As a charitable organisation (Charity File Number: 91/13813), LoveXpress develops programs to empower individuals within the ASD community, including several social enterprises to support their mission.

A family-centric training centre providing professional therapy treatments and comprehensive support services for both the family and the child, giving them ample support and resources for the many challenges they may face ahead.

The Edible Projects has two cafés and a newly launched Ready-to Cook food product line to create job opportunities for autistic youths and promote autism inclusion to the public.

Greenskies provides job opportunities for autistic individuals through modern farming with aquaponics technology. The produce also supplies social enterprise The Edible Projects and is sold as charity products on a weekly basis through farmer baskets.

Core TeaM

Zoe Lee

Speech Therapist

Alice Chan

Centre Manager

Helen Lee

Project Manager

Renita Kong

General Manager


Zoe Lee

Speech Therapist


Play Trainer

Eltriza Yip

Senior Child Development Teacher

Noelle Wong


Dr.Shine Ho

Positive Psychology Specialist

Cherry Wu

Parent Trainer


Kitty Poon

Business Development

Paul Wong


Jessie Fung

Education Professional